“Can’t Wait Card”

Today, one of my new friends who also experiences IBS told me about a card that I could get from the CCFA (Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America) called the “Can’t Wait Card”. It’s a card that you can carry with you and if you find yourself in a situation where there is not a public restroom, you can use this card to gain access to any available bathroom, such as a staff toilet in a store, or an employee only restroom.

I had no idea one of these card even existed. So when my friend mentioned it to me, I was quickly on it. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been told… “I’m sorry miss, we don’t a public restroom.” Normally they can tell by the look on my face that I’m desperate. Some businesses have allowed me to use their facilities, but many haven’t. They’ve lost my future business.

I emailed CCFA this morning, they were quick to respond. I was very impressed; normally you’d have to wait forever to get a response. I wanted to share what they had to say…

“The… “Can’t Wait Card” which will gain you access to any public restroom is part of our membership program. Individual membership is a $30 annual fee which includes the card, a subscription to our bi-annual magazine Take Charge, a subscription to our bi-annual research news bulletin Under the Microscope, chapter newsletters, and discounts to CCFA events. If this poses a financial hardship, we can offer you a 1 year complimentary membership.”
You may be interested to know that CCFA has an exciting new education event. Our new patient education program is Understanding IBD: What Every Patient Needs to Know. This free event, open to all patients, family members, caregivers, and community members is hosted by the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation and will be led by local physician experts.
Our experts in patient care and research will provide an in-depth overview of IBD, including:
• Guidance on how to recognize symptoms
• How to manage your disease
• Current therapies and emerging research
• Disease and treatment-related side effects
• Emotional wellness and resources
• Question-and-answer session
For more information on a local program in your area, please visit our website http://www.ccfa.org/info/understanding
To become a CCFA member, call 800.932.2423.

I had no clue there was such a care and I’ve done extensive research, so I wanted to share it with all of you so you to are now aware and can get your own card.

Due to my financial situation and my inability to work at this time, I’m not able to afford to send them their $30.00 membership fees until my disability is reinstated or my social security is approved… so I had to let them know that this posed a hardship…not an easy thing to admit to anyone. I have such a hard time asking for help (something I need to work on). I hate not having the money I use to have, or not being able to afford basic necessities or things that would help me deal with my illness a little easier…. But I’m learning to do what I can with the means that I have…

So if I don’t get approved for the hardship “Charity Care” membership, I’ve decided that I would have to continue doing what I have been doing… Closely monitoring where I go, map out my route… not eat until I get home, bulk up on the Imodium, etc… Either that… or come up with my own card with a sweet description as shown below:
“If you were presented this card….
The person standing before you is about to explode…
You have two choices… run for cover,
Or escort them to your nearest restroom…
Thank you for your assistance in keeping our world a happier clean place.”

Without humor… what do we have left…? I’ll let you know if I get one of those special cards…or if I’ve made my own…LOL. Until the next time….

~Peace, Love & Happy Moments ~


2 Responses

  1. I can so relate to this!!! I have always had bathroom issues but after having my gall bladder out almost 10 years ago….OMG!!! I had 2 year old triplets at the time so even if I found a bathroom, it wasn’t like I could rush! I would do that Sumo thing you spoke of, too. I wouldn’t eat anything until I knew I was home for the day….next to my dependable bathroom:). I joked with the docs that I should be the skinniest person ever cuz like my husband says, I only *rent* my food!!! Unfortunately, that is not how it works 😦 I have ups and downs but mostly there is just no rhyme or reason. What kills me today (food) doesn’t affect me tomorrow? Anyway, I will be closely following your blog for any advice and/or tips you find. Thank you for putting that out there. It takes alot of courage. Take care, my cousin 🙂

    • Thank you Chery for your comment, I had no idea that others in our family have experienced similar situations. Granted we live far from each other, but mostly it’s because it’s not something we talk about when we do get together… Can you imagine… “Hay, how are you?… I have Crohn’s, IBS, or Irritable bowel’s…lol… I almost wrote irritable balls…lol that would spark some comments…lol. Back to seriousness… It’s just not something we talk about, either out of embarrassment, or fear. Thank you for coming forth and having the courage as well to admit it. With triplets, twins or even once child… getting to a bathroom quickly is out of the question… its not like in the old days when you can say to an acquaintance at the grocery store, or post office “Can you watch my kids while I use the restroom”, or leave your kids in the car, lock the door and run… leaving the kids for the few minutes it would take you to get your business done. Not in today’s world. You’d either be met by the police, DFYS, or have your kids taken by some stranger. It must of been so isolating for you. I can’t even imagine. When I first started getting sick… my youngest was 11, so I could leave him in the car with my foster sons because they were adults. But what dose one do in that situation other then not eat before going out, map your trip, know where the safe bathrooms are, or take Imodium after each meal to ensure you buy yourself some extra time. It’s just not a subject that you engage others in… it’s one of those taboo subjects…when it should be discussed openly. We all have to go, it’s one of natural bodily functions. So why are we all so embarrassed by it?

      I loved your comment about “Renting” our food. I’ve never heard it referred to like that… it really makes sense though. Thank you for joining me on this journey into healing, I appreciate your comments, suggestions and support! It’s not easy putting yourself out there, or talking about issues that others would hope you’d just forget, not discuss, or ignore. Take care, my heart thoughts and prayer’s are with you always!

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